Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is often a collaborative process. At Valley Images, we work closely with clients to develop graphic design themes that precisely reflect their marketing goals...

For many of our clients, we begin the graphic design process from scratch. Our professionals help create logos, lettering, and images that provide instant brand recognition.

Color is an essential factor in graphic design. We recommend keeping your business’ palette simple. Begin with one or two colors. Then choose the colors based on what you are trying to communicate.

Colors connected to brands directed at nature or health, for instance, tend to be in the green palette. Companies with brands specializing in beauty or baby products may prefer pastels. Black conveys a sense of power or authority.

corporate branded bagsWe also provide expertise in choosing the type of materials on which we print. For example, embroidering requires a different kind of fabric than screen printing. Our selection includes apparel and products such as sports gear, travel items, and gifts.

Other Valley Images clients come to us with basic design concepts in mind. We help them refine their ideas, making recommendations drawn from nearly 30 years of experience assisting Silicon Valley businesses with their graphic design needs.

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Are you planning for a trade show or corporate event? Do you need uniforms for school or club sports, or specially printed shirts and caps for employees?

Valley Images can help, with quality graphic design services for any purpose. We can also handle quick turnarounds.

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