Branded Corporate Apparel

Polos and Knits

Valley Images offers professional logo and shirt design services reflecting how you want the public to view your company.

Our designers take the time to learn your company’s values, history, and style to make logos that are distinctive and timeless.


Bags are one of the most versatile and visible give away's of all swag.  It provides a visible way for friends, prospects, clients and employees to carry the other swag they picked up! Conventions, shopping, educational seminars, bags get reused and re-seen.  Bags come in a variety of materials for any use. And, of course, we'll help you design them!
corporate branded bags and backpacks
Corporate Hat Branded


Everyone wears caps. Literally everyone! 

Embroidered logos, memorable events, screen print sayings, team emblems...and just keeping the sun off your head...and they get seen.

Hats and Caps also have a long lifetime versus many other promotional items.  Great give-away's or they can tie a group together. 

We can design your cap too!


Let your employees, clients and prospects set the brand style for you. People love to have their branded coffee mugs, t-shirts, hacky sacks, pens and highlighters, cellphone cases or just cool looking workout bottles. They appear everywhere...and so will you. Let us help you select the right swag and promotional items for your events.  We will design its appearance and help you gain a spot in hands and on desks.

Branded Drink Containers
Corporate Branded Outerwear, Coats and Jackets

Outer Wear

You don't need to sit at a chilly sporting event in California to know that despite our Mediterranean weather, it can get downright cold in the Bay Area.  

Flannel jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats are great give away's, prizes, and team builders.  

Keep your clients, employees and teammates warm in your branded apparel.