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Corporate branding is the centerpiece of today’s marketing strategies. Rather than focusing on different looks for specific products, companies seek to create a powerful

overall visual identity that distinguishes them from competitors.

Corporate branding consists of advertising, labeling, apparel or other materials that include a creative logo, recognizable company colors, or lettering in a distinctive font. When executed with style and imagination, corporate branding accomplishes two important goals:

  • Raising brand awareness. People respond positively when your company links brands to a consistent visual theme. A familiar image or logo can instantly communicate quality or outstanding customer service.
  • Instilling a sense of purpose among employees. Employees who wear your company’s uniform are ambassadors for your brand. In the workplace or at events, clothing items such as shirts or caps can promote a collective sense of pride.

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Whether the elements of corporate branding resonate with customers and employees depends on the ability of a particular business and its marketing partners to work together.

Valley Images teams with enterprises such as yours to develop compelling corporate branding strategies through the use of clothing and promotional items. Over the past 25 years, we’ve provided graphic design services to hundreds of Silicon Valley companies looking to re-energize their marketing efforts.

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