A Handy Guide to Picking the Right Promotional Item

For many of our clients, deciding to use promotional items as a marketing tool is a no-brainer. People love to get useful everyday items for free, and promotional merchandise printed with your logo is effective advertising at a low cost...

It’s more challenging to pick items that resonate with customers. At Valley Images, we’re happy to assist. We thought we’d give you a handy guide for choosing products that will make your existing and potential customers say, “This is so cool!”

Here’s how to pick the right promo item:

  • Understand your target customer. A product must be relevant to the people you are trying to reach. Even a diverse customer base has common attributes, such as hobbies, age, income, or geographic location. An audience that skews younger may be into high-tech gadgets like a Bluetooth speaker, or active wear.
  • Emphasize practicality. Valley Images has an enormous supply of products, so it’s easy to pick an item that people will use. Try to envision your promotional item in someone’s kitchen, on a desk, in a golf bag. Totes are a favorite because the bag enables customers to carry away even more promo items! Consider size and weight if mailing items.
  • Quality counts. Think about it - a well-made item, printed with your logo, may stay with a customer for a long time. Imagine a desktop clock that is seen every day, for years, by dozens of office workers.

One last tip: Check out what promotional items your competitors are distributing. Can you improve on their ideas, or offer upgraded versions?

Plan Your Promotional Item Campaign With Our Help

For nearly 30 years, Valley Images has served Bay Area customers with the professional printing of sports uniforms and equipment, casual apparel, and corporate and promotional items.

If you need help choosing the perfect promotional item, or when it’s time to order, call 408-279-6777 today to speak to a Valley Images representative.