Sometimes Only Screen Printing Will Do

Custom Screen PrintingScreen printing is the best option for many projects Valley Images undertakes. While digital printing is an economical solution for many marketing tactics, such as low-volume orders that require high levels of detail, we recommend screen printing for high-volume projects that need vibrant color reproduction. Valley Images offers screen printing services for clients such as sports teams, summer camps, schools, police and fire departments, large corporations and small companies. When deadlines approach, Valley Images’ four automatic screen printing presses can crank out high-volume orders of stellar quality in a short period. Our employees specialize in quick turnarounds, so if you have a rush order, call us. We’ll expedite your project without sacrificing quality.

Interesting Facts About Screen Printing

Did you know that screen printing originated in China in the 10th century and one of its early uses may have been to print paper money? Valley Images, a leading screen printing company in Silicon Valley, also notes these useful facts about screen printing:
  • Today, many employers are choosing to outfit employees in shirts that are screen printed rather than traditional blouses, shirts, and ties. Screen printed garments are inexpensive and serve as a company uniform that helps staff look neat and professional.
  • Screen printing works best on cotton garments that are relatively plain, with few seams or pockets. Shirts that have less surface area on which to imprint, such as tank tops and V-necks, may require adjustments to the design.
  • As a marketing technique, clothing that is screen printed with a business logo or graphics costs less than purchasing a billboard ad, for example, and offers greater brand exposure.

Our Professional Designs Mirror the Image You Want

Do you need screen printing services but don’t have a design prepared? Valley Images can help. Our professionals can take even a rough sketch and transform into a winning design that will look terrific on all types of clothing as well as marketing materials such as signs, brochures, or mailers. We can also update your old, tired artwork to give it a fresh, modern look, or create an original design that perfectly mirrors the public image you want to convey.

Talk to a Valley Images Professional Today

Valley Images provides professional screen printing services for schools, public agencies such as fire and police departments, corporations, and startups. Begin planning your screen printing project with Valley Images, in San Jose, CA. Call 408-279-6777 today or visit our showroom.