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Screen Printing

Valley Images offers screen printing services for clients such as sports teams, summer camps, schools, police and fire departments, large corporations and small companies.

When deadlines approach, Valley Images’ four automatic screen printing presses can crank out high-volume orders of stellar quality in a short period. Our employees specialize in quick turnarounds, so if you have a rush order, call us. We’ll expedite your project without sacrificing quality.


Valley Images operates more than 40 embroidery “heads,” the high-speed mechanisms capable of sewing complex, beautiful designs on a range of fabrics. Our ability to handle large-volume embroidery orders in-house - we never farm orders out to sub-contractors - keeps per-item prices low.

Valley Images makes it easy for your business to afford quality embroidered lettering or graphics on all kinds of wearable items and promotional products such as totes, hats and more.

Embroidery Services
Graphics Services

Graphic Design

At Valley Images, we work closely with clients to develop graphic design themes that precisely reflect their marketing goals.

We provide expertise in choosing the type of materials on which we print. For example, embroidering requires a different kind of fabric than screen printing. Our selection includes apparel and products such as sports gear, travel items, and gifts.

If you already have design ideas, we help refine them with recommendations drawn from nearly 30 years of experience assisting Silicon Valley businesses with their graphic design needs.

Cut and Sew

Do you need something special, maybe one of a kind, maybe patches sewn on uniforms, special flags, banners or other unique articles?

Valley Images offers professional sewing services in-house, where quality control and delivery really matter.

Bring us your next project, you will be glad you did.

Cutting and Sewing Services